Minute Movie Review – Frost/Nixon


As the only President of the United States ever forced to resign (look up Watergate at the ‘ped if you don’t know what happened), Richard Nixon would surely make for a compelling interview subject. And so thought talk show host and entertainer David Frost, who did everything possible to get the interview made. A compelling drama that turns Nixon into a bit of a joke and makes Frost utterly unlikeable, “Frost/Nixon” is a great and entertaining film with a superb performance by Frank Langella who truly becomes Nixon. Nevertheless, the film ultimately suffers irreperable damages by twisting the truth to breaking point. Yes, Nixon actually said “I was involved in a cover-up”, but the full statement was “You want me to say that I was involved in a cover-up. No.” (Actual wording may be different, I’m writing from memory here.) It’s still a good film, it just shouldn’t claim to be true.

Random Observations:

Frost/Nixon at imdb.com

The third of the Best Picture nominees I have seen (after Milk and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button) and easily the best movie on its own. But the misrepresentations of historical events ruin it somewhat.

Another fact the movie gets wrong (or intentionally doesn’t mention): Nixon not only received $600,000 for the interview up front, he also got twenty percent of the profits. Of course, if one mentions that, the whole David vs. Goliath theme is largely lost.

Am I the only one who didn’t know that the real Richard Nixon wrote some piano music? Langella himself performs it in the film.

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